Glass studio

Decorate your interior and your life with amazing colored glass.

When designing and arranging the surroundings, I always follow the dreams, fantasies and emotions of my clients, because the goal is to do something unique – only for them. They must be part of the things and the process.

Surrounded by beautiful and important objects, life is filled with joy every day, because it reminds of what is most important to us. That is why I share beauty by doing my own work and help my clients find the way to their aesthetics, crystallize and refine their visions and ideas to create a unique object, or teach them techniques that will make it possible for them.

When creating my own pieces, I first follow my intuition, then my heart and brain. Sometimes I create simple things related to nature or events, sometimes it is the implementation of a holistic vision.

My name is Lidia Kostrzynska and I wasn’t born as an artist ;).Half of my life I was thinking about my life career as a scientist (during the graduate studies I combined biology with programming artificial networks), but life decided otherwise and I became a glass artist. Now I think it was also the influence of my grandfather, who was a photographer and also made a phototransfer on ceramics – this kind of work must be preserve by firing in a kiln – just like in traditional stained glass painting. I have always looked at the kilns he made (and sometimes I use some of them), the paints he prepared, the experiments he carried out and the passion with which he worked, and it gave me greatest inspiration to my own develop.

Nevertheless, the nature of the scientist still remains the same and makes you experiment, SEARCH and discover new (or very old), rare combinations of techniques. I like to make works that “normal” artists don’t want to bother with.

While living, I understood that there is no point in waiting for a better moment to implement my plans and visions, because life is too short. Fulfilling your dreams is not easy, but the hardest part is getting started (hackneyed but true). This sometimes requires difficult choices and work, but also gives great satisfaction.

So if you have the courage to make your glass dreams come true, contact me – we’ll see what I can do for you.

I can make glass projects for you, help you develop your own idea or teach you to work with the techniques of artistic glass (lead stained glass, Tiffany stained glass, fusing glass).

The courses are mostly individual, so in one course you can learn exactly what you need – we can combine the techniques that will be most useful to acheve your vision. Courses can be held in Poland and Portugal (and can be conducted in English, Polish and Portuguese).

If you don’t have time to travel then nothing is lost – I hope to open online courses and consultation soon, so if you don’t want to miss anything please fill out the contact form and I will let you know when registration is open.

*Why “Oficina de Vidro”? I started with a studio in Poland in 2006, but since 2016 I have been coming to Portugal and I have established interesting cooperation here – I fell in love with this country and people, and now I have two studies – one full-time in Poland, the other, a mobile studio in Portugal (I hope that a stationary studio will also be built soon) – that’s why I called my studio Oficina de Vidro, which in Portuguese means a glass workshop.

Glass Workshops & Curses

How the workshops look like -one glance to workhops and courses

If you are here, probably are thinking about making your own stained glass or glass piece of art. Maybe even you think about your own glass studio. So take a look how the workshop and courses goes, and choose what  suits you.


It usually takes 4 hours to two days. The main aim of the workshop is to give participants the opportunity to work with glass, sometimes also to experiment with their own ideas and create their own work from start to finish. As a teacher, I always support my students with experience in the field they need to turn the vision into reality.

Selected works by workshop participants:

Esta imagem tem um texto alternativo em branco, o nome da imagem é IMG_20200212_142120-1024x768.jpg
pasaro de vitral


Much more advanced than the workshops, it gives participants complete independence in their future artistic work.

Usually the courses are 4-5 days, but the time always depends on the technique and level they want to achieve. As most classes are conducted individually, so course can involve one or more techniques (e.g. stained glass and fused glass) which is a mind opening experience and an introduction to creativity in the art of glass.

Before the course starts, we adjust the course schedule to make sure you will achieve your goals.

During the courses, participants perform a number of works (depending on the technique – e.g. 2-3 stained glass of varying difficulty, up to a dozen different pieces in fused glass techniques) to master the basics perfectly, as well as more advanced ways of working in the selected technique.

After the course I am still in touch with my students who can always ask me for help if there are any problems or they got difficult order, so in fact the course is still continuing just more independent way.

When teaching my students, I share all my knowledge and experience in the field covered by the course. I do not make “mistery” in technical issue and my goal during courses is to support my students in the implementation of their visions, so over time they can develop their own style – corresponding to their character and artistic preferences

Courses and workshops are conducted in Portugal and Poland. Under certain circumstances, it is possible to organize it also in other countries.

Photos of student work in glass fusing courses:

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Photos of student work in stained glass courses:

Esta imagem tem um texto alternativo em branco, o nome da imagem é IMG_20200202_175320-768x1024.jpg

trabalhos de cursos de lamparina de vitral

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Oficina de Vidro (Szklana Pracownia) Lidia Kostrznska


Phone (Portuguese number): +351 920 120 749

Phone (Polish number) and WhatsApp: +48 502953868